Fresh view on ICO and TGE campaigns

Listing is not a relief

Investors are waiting for the listing on exchages, but this procedure is expensive, takes long and doesn't always give the liquidity

Start trading your token immediately on your built-in exchange right from investors dashboard.

Market making is expensive

Commission paid to market makers and exchanges eats up to 20% from your funds, meantime lack of liquidity leads to tokens plunge.

Zero-fee transactions attract liquidity, increase trades volume and give additional power to the market maker.

Standard ICO and TGE campaigns are boring

Many ICO and TGE campaigns fail because of their boring nature, inappropriate on-boarding and poor dashboard interface.

Stand out and launch IPO-style campaign. Price your token, fill the book with preorders, determine fair price, distibute tokens and start trading immediately!

Delerex Book Building Platform is a technically perfect, marketing-ready solution for running TGE campaign

Token management

Create and manage your ERC20 token without special knowledge

Marketing ready

Bounty, referral program, CPA and Google analytics integrated

Proper accounting

Based on well-proven Delerex Accounting engine


The most convenient way to accept crypto.

Well Secured

Unbeaten level of security

Support and maintenance

SAAS solution maintained according to SLA terms.

Delerex Book Building Platform

Local exchange

Exchange integrated in investors dashboard

Fees structure, depending on your needs

Token/BTC and Token/ETH tradign pairs

Trading through web interface or API

Low-latency for the market making algorithm


Investors cabinet

User-friendly investors cabinet

Real-time token emission, or pre-orders aggregation

Accept payments through Web-site, Dashboard or Telegram bot from any type of wallets, including exchange accounts.

Fully customizable design

External user-friendly KYC/AML procedure.

Management system

Professional management system based on Delerex Accounting engine

Unlimited control over your ICO campaign.

Marketing ready. Bounty, referral program, Google analytics, CPA.

Fiat payment processor integration.



TGE campaign with the special attention to security

BitLock for the hot and cold storage

Individual BIP32 derivation for BTC and ETH transfers

DDOS protection, full control over code and data integrity

Platform and Smart-contract code audit

Why Delerex Book Building Platform?

Delerex is the best possible technical solution provider for your TGE campaign


Fast implementation. 10 days from idea to start.


Designed with the special attention to crypto assets protection.


Tailored for your business process and vision.


A comprehensive documentation is provided.

Legal apects

Internal or external KYC/AML management.

Support and Updates

Provided according SLA terms.

Clean Code

Full access to frontend code is provided.

Marketing ready

Bounty, referral program, CPA, Google-analytics integration with measure protocol


Full audit of campaign with proper analytics.

Thinking of crowdsale campaign?

Choose us if you need:

Full control over your campaign

Manage all parts of your campaign with Delerex Accounting engine.


Your funds are protected and go directly to your cold storage wallets

User-friendly solution

The most convenient on-boarding procedure.

Proper legislation

External KYC/AML management

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