There's the great demand for trustworthy funds investing in digital assets on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

High labor costs

Working with digital assets requires the highest skills in accounting, security and deep knowledge of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Delerex Cryptofund takes care of automatic fetching, aggregating and processing data from multiple blockchains and exchanges, created with special attention to security and provides an administrator with a user-friendly interface to all possible data.

Lack of standards

There are also no common assets valuation methodologies that exist at the moment. The absence of industry standards for API, dynamically and chaotically developing products complicates the integration and maintenance of datafeed solutions.

We've been working with crypto funds since the middle of 2017, developed a great technical solution, faced many cases and ready to share the experience with our clients. Adjustable accounting policy along with a tailored chart of accounts make Delerex CryptoFund a highly flexible solution for any type of fund investing in crypto.

Security concerns

Private keys improper management and working with unregulated exchanges carry the risk of complete loss of assets under management. Dealing with digital assets cannot guarantee the security of investment.

Delerex team pays special attention to security issues and constantly improves the software to avoid any threat for our clients. We do our best to protect the whole process and make every chain link as strong as possible empowered by software and hardware solutions.

Delerex CryptoFund is the ideal solution for fast, convenient and cost-effective administering an investment fund

A new type of funds

Start working with new class of funds

A comprehensive view of every process

Complete analysis of every process within the fund

Proper accounting

Double-record bookkeeping for proper reconciliation

Additional trust

Shared assets access policy and monitoring gives assurance in proper management

Fully transparent

Unbeaten level of transparency based on blockchain technology

Support and maintenance

We share all of our experience to help you to become a DLT expert

Delerex CryptoFund software

DLT fund administering solution proven by time


Accounting backend

Flexible accounting system for DLT assets

Double-entry bookkeeping

Classic accounting structure : substantiating documents, operation, transactions

A tailored chart of accounts

Customizable accounting policies

NAV calculation on a daily basis

Administrator's dashboard

User-friendly interface to all fund processes

Fund clients operations : deposits, redemptions, performance fee

Fund performance

Portfolio structure

Funds allocation structure

Manual operations


Data processing

Data-feed server for multiple DLT registers and exchanges

Complete operations import available for Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, GateIo, HitBTC, Kraken, KuCoin, Poloniex

Margin trading information available for Okex, Deribit, Bitmex

Fetching balances from more than 140 exchanges

Fetching, recognition of the nature of transactions and automated processing for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum ERC20, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash

Customisable valuation procedure : through aggregated price index or by last exchange price

Assets management

Fund manager and administrator interaction is based on mutual mistrust

Tailored fund manager and administrator interaction policy

Cold storage multi signature wallet with access recovery function

Shared access to cold storage wallet based on multi signature

Digital signatures for reports validation



Assets protection and security is the main investment concern

Read-only API keys for exchange data access

DLT read-only access over public keys

Trading over API by predefined rules (2019)

Immediate positions close and withdraw (2019)

Amazon HSM and Microsoft Azure HSM for private key storage (2019)

Delerex CryptoFund presentation in PDF

Why Delerex CryptoFund

The most convenient solution to administer an investment fund dealing with digitial assets


Integration takes up to 7 days.


Designed with special attention to digital assets protection.


Highly customisable solution


A comprehensive documentation is provided.

Support and Updates

You receive future update and all the support we can give!


Full audit of operations with proper analytics

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