Investing in digital assets is the hottest topic

Lack of entry points for investors

The cryptocurrency market attracts so much attention because of unbeaten returns and decentralized nature. Clients want to take exposure in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. A lack of trustworthy counterparties usually prevents from investments.

Delerex CryptoFund Platform is the most convenient option for an investment company to give customers crypto currency and ICO exposure. Fast and easy on-boarding and unbeaten level of transparency claim your company as a trustworthy counterparty.

Lack of knowledge

Running a crypto investment facility is not an easy thing, requires special skills in investments, accounting and security. Building a team and getting experience is pain.

We've been working with crypto funds since the middle of 2017, developed a great technical solution, faced many cases and ready to share the experience with our clients. You can enjoy running the fund along with Delerex.

Security concerns

Digital assets are a target for hackers and can be lost because of inappropriate treatment. This is the biggest concern for any investor.

Delerex team pays special attention to security issues and constantly improves the software to avoid any threat for our clients. We do our best to protect the whole process and make every chain link as strong as possible empowered by software and hardware solutions.

Delerex CryptoFund is the first tailored crypto fund management solution

New assets in your portfolio

Start working with crypto assets effortless

Your Investment fund

Starting the investment fund has never been so easy

Proper accounting

Double-record system is a proven way of running the bookkeeping

Easy crypto gateway

A convenient way to start tokenization for your assets

Fully transparent

Unbeaten level of transparency based on blockchain technology

Support and maintenance

We share all of our experience to give the smooth start for your fund

Delerex CryptoFund software

Professional solution for crypto assets management


User dashboard

User-friendly intuitive interface

Transparent reporting and clean visualization

Fully automatic value and performance calculation

Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum

Fiat payment processor integration

2FA with Google Authenticator or crypto signature.

Management system

Professional management system

Unlimited control over the fund.

Automatic bookkeeping for multiple blockchains and crypto exchanges

Fund performance and assets structure calculation and visualization

Detailed reporting


Delerex CryptoFund presentation in PDF

Why Delerex CryptoFund

Delerex is a crypto fund complete solution provider


Fast implementation. 30 days from idea to start.


Designed with special attention to crypto assets protection.


Suitable for any case, when you need tokenization.


Comprehensive documentation is provided.


Internal database or ERC20 standard tokens.

Support and Updates

You receive future updates and all the support we can give!

Clean Code

Source code is provided for the audit.

Marketing ready

Bounty, referral program and Google-analytics integration with measure protocol


A full operational audit completed with advanced analytics

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Banks and Investment funds

Start working with crypto assets

Crypto funds

Professional solution for successful business


Launch a crypto fund and become a fund manager

Family office

Manage crypto assets in a proper way

Our clients

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