Tailored hardware security solution for crypto business

Servers are vulnerable

Hacking the server, containing private keys, leads to total loss of all assets.

All outgoing transactions are validated and signed within protected smart-card kernel of BitLock. Crypto Firewall makes total funds withdrawal impossible. Additional software validation layers make hacking extremely difficult.

Multisig isn't always available

Multisignature is convenient way of securying funds, based on consensus, however is not always realised on the protocol level and requires smart-contracts, giving additional threat for the funds.

BitLock can act as a part of blockchain multisig scheme or implement multisignature based on two-factor authorization for a single private key.

There's no reliable identification

Users identification and transaction authenticy is a cornerstone of any blockchain system. Since private keys can be easily duplicated there's a high risk of fraudulent transaction.

BitLock can act as a Digital ID, issued by the central authority. User cannot copy BitLock and each transactions can be easily authenticated and trusted with the high assurance.

Tailored security solutions for business.

Joint project of Senselock Software Technology Co. Ltd, China, UAB "Seculab", Lithuania and Delerex Pte. Ltd, Singapore.

Total protection

Cutting edge protection technology for private keys

EAL5+ certified hardware

Implementation of any business logic within protected kernel

Crypto Firewall

Transaction algorithms are easily set with hardware firewall

Multisignature schemes

Hardware based multisignature

Digital ID

Hardware digitall passport for your clients

Hardware Security Module

Manage your private keys in protected environment

BitLock - hardware vault on EAL5+ certified smart-card

Tailored security solutions for crypto business



Sensitive data protection with top-notch hardware solution

ARM SecureCore SC300 core

EAL5+ certified smart-card kernel

Temperature range : -25°C to +80°C (-13°F - +176°F)


Securing business logic with BitLock

Private Keys protection

Transaction control

API keys protection

Digital ID


Why BitLock

BitLock is complete security solution protection digital assets


Fast implementation.


Unbeaten protection level.


Tailored solution for your business needs.


A comprehensive documentation is provided.

Support and Updates

You receive future update and all the support we can give!

Clean Code

Source code is provided for the audit.

Need advanced security and additional protection?

Protect business with BitLock

Banks, Investment funds

Cold and Hot storage, clients ID, multisignature, Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Cryptocurrency Exchnages

Hot and Cold storage wallets, multisignature on hardware, transactions control

Public and Private Blockchains

Digital ID, Hardware wallet


Cryptocurrency exchanges API keys protection

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