Delerex modules is a must for any blockchain project

Fast onboarding

Fastest onboarding for your customers

Security for digital assets

Well-balanced risk profile on every step

Proper accounting

Double-record system is proven way of running the bookkeeping

External data

Unified data import

Maximum flexibility

Easy customization according to your needs

Support and maintenance

We share all of our experience to give the smooth start for your project

Delerex Crypto Wallet


Incoming payments management solution for business

Unique incoming address generation for each client or order

Hot and Cold storage mode

Optimized outgoing transactions generation

Secured user-side key storage

Delerex Crypto Accounting Engine

Bookkeeping for blockchain

Unlimited control over business accountancy

Automatic transactions import, recognision and processing.

Well-proven double-entry bookkeeping

Customisable reporting


Delerex Data Server


Data Server for multiple blockchains and exchanges

Unified transactions import

Balances, transactions and positions data unification

Supported exchanges: Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Kraken. HitBtc, KuCoin

Supported blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 assets

Comming soon: Bitmex, OkEx, Derebit

Delerex KYC

KYC/AML/Profiling procedure

Internal KYC/AML/Profiling procedure

External KYC provider. Sum&Substance suggested

Customisable dataset


Why Delerex?


Fast integration saves time.


Designed with special attention to security.


Flexible structure allows fast customization.


A comprehensive documentation is provided.

Support and Updates

Get free support and updates.

Source Code

Source code is provided.

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Perfect for Your Business

Running business

Start working with crypto assets in a shortest time

Crypto startup

Focus on business logic instead of developing basic functions


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